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Vision 2020 Public Announcement December 29, 2016

Posted: December 30, 2016

Dear Hague Resident:

The Town continues to move forward with the completion of the revision to the Town of Hague Comprehensive Plan updates.  To date we have held three public forums at which a great deal of ideas and information was gathered.  All public comments will be considered and addressed in the draft.

The Town Board has committed funding in the 2017 Town budget to complete the process of revising the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.

At this time the LA Group has been forwarded all of the information the Town gathered at the three public forums, as well as information received by email and general mail and will be preparing a summary of the forums held.

In the coming months they will be compiling a draft document of Chapter 4 which will be distributed to the Town Board members for their review.

To finalize the adoption of the revision of the Town of Hague Comprehensive Plan the process is as follows:

  1. A public forum will be held on the “Draft Document.”
  2. A completed Type 1 State Environmental Quality Review (SEQRA) will be prepared and submitted to the Town Board.
  3. A Public Hearing will be held for SEQRA.
  4. The Town Board will review and make their determination for SEQRA.
  5. The Town Board will hold a second Public Hearing prior to the adoption of the proposed revisions to the Comprehensive Plan.
  6. The Town Board will then vote to either adopt or reject the revised Plan.
  7. If adopted, the revised Plan will be sent to the Regional Planning Department.
  8. After 30 days the Plan and the completed SEQRA documents are filed with the municipal clerk and to Warren County.

The Town Board and staff would like to thank everyone who participated in this important process.

Best regards,

The Hague Town Board & Cathy Clark, Zoning Enforcement Officer

Please note: To generate the maximum input from the public the Town Board will not start the above mentioned process until late spring.

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